miss mary mack lyrics

Miss Mary Mack Lyrics

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Presenting a Very Popular Gaming Rhyme “Miss Mary Mack Lyrics”.It is One Of The Best Clapping games. It is Firstly Found In the US In 1888. It is well known in various parts of the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand and has been called “the most common hand-clapping game in the English-speaking world”.

About Miss Mary Mack

The origin of the name Mary Mack is obscure, and various theories have been proposed. According to one theory, Mary Mack originally referred to the USS Merrimack, a United States warship of the mid-1800s named after the Merrimack River, that would have been black, with silvery rivets.
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How To Play?

In This Game, Two Children Stand Or Sit Opposite To Each Other And Clap Hands In Time To a Rhyming Song. The game beginnings with the hands situated together confronting your accomplice. Then, cross your hands and put them on your chest (left hand on your right shoulder as well as the other way around). The individual confronting you ought to do likewise. This is the time you should begin singing the primary expression of the tune. Then, while saying the subsequent syllable, place your hands on your hips. While proceeding with the melody, place two hands together again in the beginning position.
The fourth move will be the first where you will meet your accomplice’s hands yet it won’t be a straight applaud however one Had slantingly (your right-hand meets your accomplice’s right hand) while singing the following syllable of the melody. Then, at that point, the two remaining hands meet askew lastly the two hands meet one another. Rehash the cycle with each line of the melody.
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Miss Mary Mack Lyrics

Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack

All dressed in black, black, black

With silver buttons, buttons, buttons

All down her back, back, back. (or “Up and down her back back back”)

She asked her mother, mother, mother

for fifty (or 15) cents, cents, cents

To see the elephants, elephants, elephants (or hippos or cows)

Jump the fence, fence, fence.

They jumped so high, high, high

they reached the sky, sky, sky

And didn’t (or never) come back, back, back

Till the 4th of July ly ly.

She asked her mother, mother, mother

For 5 cents more, more, more

To see the elephants, elephants, elephants

Jump the door, door, door.

They jumped to the flow flow flow

they stubbed their toe toe toe

and that was the end end end

of the elephant show show show.

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