The Wheels On The Bus

nursery rhymes the wheels on the bus

Presenting Traditional Nursery Rhymes Lyrics The Wheels On The Bus, This Children Song Is a Very Famous Folk Song In America Written By Verna Hills In 1898-1990. Short History About Nursery Rhymes The Wheels On The Bus The earliest known publishing of the lyrics is the December 1937 issue of American Childhood, originally called “The … Read more

Lullaby And Goodnight Lyrics

lullaby and goodnight lyrics

Presenting Popular Nursery Rhyme Lullaby And Goodnight Lyrics, Brahm’s Lullaby is a true classic. For a good reason. This song is really beautiful, and it has turned into one of the most used lullabies worldwide. Brahm’s Lullaby Have  Many Different Versions But the “original” version of this lullaby was signed by Johannes Brahm back in … Read more

Ring Around The Rosie Lyrics

ring around the rosie lyrics

Presenting Gaming Nursery Rhyme Ring Around The Rosie Lyrics. This Kid Song Is a Folk Song And a Very Popular Singing Game In the USA that was first published in 1881 in England. Short Description About Ring Around The Rosie Lyrics in the United States Ring Around the Rosie” is originally an English nursery rhyme … Read more

Rock a Bye Baby Lyrics

rock a bye baby lyrics

Presenting A Popular Nursery Rhyme Rock a Bye Baby Lyrics.“Rock-a-bye Baby (also known as Hush a Bye Baby) is an 18th century English nursery rhyme and lullaby. Short Description Of Rock a Bye Baby Rhyme Rock-a-bye baby on the treetop sometimes Known As “Hush-a-bye baby on the tree top” is a nursery rhyme and lullaby. … Read more

Muffin Man Lyrics

muffin man lyrics

Presenting Traditional Nursery Rhyme Muffin Man Song Lyrics. This Children’s Song Is A Popular Gaming Rhyme Kids Song Also. Which was Recorded in a British manuscript circa 1820. Short Description of Muffin Man kids Song “The Muffin Man” is a traditional nursery rhyme, children’s song, or children’s game of English origin. It has a Roud … Read more

Mockingbird Lyrics Nursery Rhyme

Mockingbird Lyrics Nursery Rhyme

Presenting Traditional Rhyme Mockingbird Lyrics Nursery Rhyme Known As Hush, Little Baby is a popular lullaby That Is Very Famous In the USA. This Song was Sung And Adapted BY Many Singers Like Regina Spektor, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, and Eminem. Often times. Mockingbird Lyrics Nursery Rhyme Hush little baby, don’t say a … Read more